Institute for Biological Medicine & Natural Concepts

IBMNC Ltd is a bridge to link new scientific knowledge, proven natural health solutions and environmental concepts with daily and medical practice 

On average, a medical professional will have completed his or her studies within 20 years, relying on literature written 20 to 30 years prior to that date. In reality, your typical average medical professional will have acquired knowledge 50 years out of date!

Recently, considerable progress and ground-breaking medical discoveries have been accomplished, offering a better understanding of the various medical conditions that patients face today. Research has increasingly shown that some of these conditions are often interlinked. For example, today we acknowledge the fact that the gut is intricately connected to the brain which opens up a whole new horizon as to the possible treatment options. Despite the numerous advances in medicine, the above-mentioned options are rarely applied to day-to-day medical practices. There are not many cases when doctors are aware of such new insight. The question still remains about how to integrate these new discoveries into daily medical practice.

This is where IBMNC comes in. Thanks to industry expertise in the field of Biological medicine, englobing various alternative medical approaches- the institute fosters knowledge-sharing and partnership building.  

Biological Medicine and Advanced Life Sciences in Practice

  • Health Professionals
  • Naturopaths
  • Physicians
  • Holistic Medical Doctors
  • Patients with chronic disease
  • Medical indications
  • Aftercare
  • Severe and acute illness
  • Health problems
  • Effective prevention

About Us

The Institute for Biological Medicine & Natural Concepts – IBMNC was brought to life with the objective of satisfying a growing need for integrating biological medicine and natural concepts with conventional medicine.

The strength of this approach lies in viewing the patient as a “whole”, taking into account external and as well as lifestyle factors when considering a patient’s treatment plan. IBMNC’s aim is to build relationships whilst promoting scientific research through close cooperation with universities, clinics and health care providers. 

In order to lay the foundations for an integrative medicine approach the IBMNC actively:

  • Works in close cooperation with universities to integrate new research into study programs
  • Organizes seminars, training and specialist events for professionals from the health sector
  • Connects professionals by building networks with the aim of promoting cooperation, clinical knowledge-sharing and how to implement this into practice
  • Establishes partnerships with leading European laboratories in order to bring professionals with similar expertise together

Bridge linking Practical medicine, therapies and knowledge transfer


Bridge to link Biological Medicine knowledge to educational systems


Biological medicine education and seminars for professionals


Workshops for natural health solutions

Network for Health Professionals

Swiss Biological Medicine Academy (SBMA), Prof. Dr. Thomas Rau

Complete Swiss Biological Medicine Education

Providing practical experiences in biological medicine and teaching how to treat unknown diseases, delivered by outstanding specialists in medicine

Possibility of patient referrals

Supporting transfer of knowledge and forming cooperation

IBMNC Health Expert Club

Association of Biological medicine therapists and health experts

Providing up-to-date knowledge and sharing competences

Patient referrals to Health experts certified in Biological Medicine

Cooperation within Therasol network

Therasol stands for Therapeutic Solutions based on natural concepts, Cutting edge developments in segment of advanced nutrition supplements, medical products, natural concepts and solutions for a better life. Designed by leading technology companies

Approved by Experts and Therapists


Organization of seminars and organization of professional events

  • Other education, further trainings and education
  • Online Webinars

Connecting professionals of the same field (i.e. biological and holistic medicine)

  • Activities of professional association and networking

Publication of professional and popular publications

  • Publishing books, e-books, scripts and essays about health & environment 
  • Social media and digital marketing activities

Research and development

  • Research and development activities in other fields of science and technology
  • Microbiome, Senolytics, Longevity, real Anti-ageing, Gut-accociated diseases, Neurological Disorders and Detoxification


The Therasol Group has managed already its own scientific board with competent Scientists and Researcher with practical medical and nutritional experiences.

  • Dr. Oksana Klymenko MD, Ph.D, SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition), Scientific Director of IBMNC (Researcher, Medical Doctor)
  • Petra Potocnik, Founder of IBMNC (Dipl. Nutritionist & Marketing expert)
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Rau, (BioMed Center Sonnenberg, formerly Paracelsus Clinic & Academy Teufen, Switzerland)
  • Dr. Henry Krah, Chief Doctor of Clinic in Erfurt, Researcher and Lecturer
  • Dr. Dinos Xydas MD, Chief Doctor of Personalized Medicine (Swissmed Health in Limassol, Cyprus)
  • Dr. Heinz Lüscher, Expert in Micro Nutrition, Sports Medicine & Complementary medicine in Switzerland (WiseMedicine Swiss Integrative Clinic)
  • Urska Potocnik (Feldenkrais method specialist

Within the Group we established already cooperation achieved noticeable result with various Research Institutes, Laboratories and Universities



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