“You are what you eat.” This is a famous quotation used to represent the importance of a good diet. The crux of this line is that whatever you consume has a manifestation in your body, personality, and thinking. Therefore, a wise woman chooses wise dietary options.

So! We bring to you a wise dietary supplement that shall change your life. Behold! Here comes the QuantumSIL aka the miracle supplement.

What Is Inside QuantumSIL?

QuantumSIL is a natural dietary supplement specially designed using micronization technology (a technique where particle size is reduced to below 10 microns).

In 1 gram of QuantumSIL you get:

The Ascorbyl palmitate slowly releases vitamin C into your body while natural silica (which becomes orthosilicic acid in the body) is the ideal way of depositing silicon into the blood. The bioavailability and efficacy of both these products are increased manifolds, thanks to the micronization techniques.

Benefits Of Using QuantumSIL

QuantumSIL with its crucially important compounds (Vitamin C and silica) extends a number of therapeutic benefits that are mentioned below:

The orthosilicic acid present in QuantumSIL promotes the synthesis of collagen type 1 and the differentiation of bone-forming cells (osteoblasts). Biological silicon and orthosilicic acid promote bone growth and collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in increasing bone density. Oldies must take QuantumSIL because vitamin C supplementation is linked to reduced chances of hip fracture. QuantumSIL also helps relieve arthritis pain by speeding up the repair and healing of joints.

Now even the oldies can be strong and muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Vitamin C usage is extremely beneficial in rejuvenating your skin health. It helps collagen synthesis that provides you fresher and a younger look. Ascorbyl palmitate usage leads to evident epidermal thickening and hair growth. Collagen synthesis is also important for the good quality of hair.

Orthosilicic acid revitalizes your nails, hair, and skin. Thus, with this therapeutic combination of vitamin C and silica, you can say goodbye to facial wrinkles, UV spots, weak hair, and cracked nails with QuantumSIL.

Silicon is such an effective compound in treating neurodegeneration that even scarce amounts of it in beer can be good for Alzheimer’s patients. Strong antioxidants such as vitamin C can prove to be a strong wall against neurodegenerative diseases (caused by oxidative stress).

The neuroprotective effect of vitamin C must be appreciated (especially for Parkinson’s patients).

All Parkinson’s patients listen up! Vitamin C can improve your symptoms so grab QuantumSIL asap!

Have the bite of a saltwater croc, don’t be a toothless sailor hitting the rock!

Vitamin C deficiency is linked to the weakening of the jaws and falling off of your teeth. Don’t lose your teeth like the sailors did (due to the unavailability of vitamin C or ascorbic acid on sea voyages).

QuantumSIL ensures robust periodontium and strong teeth.

Boost that immunity and increase your pandemic safety!

QuantumSIL is replete with vitamin C extract that plays a crucial role in enhancing immunity. This very compound is considered the most essential supplement against COVID-19.

You can improve your immune response to other infections, thanks to the high bioavailability of vitamin C and silica in QuantumSIL.

By Dr. Sheraz Khan, MD

Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Medical Journalist

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