What is detox?

Detox. This word has been heard today by almost everyone. For most people, detox, or the system of cleansing the body of toxins, becomes in the same associative row with what is usually attributed to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, ecology, and generally useful things. By the way, the idea of ​​the need for systematic cleaning of the human body has been known for many centuries. In many ways, detox has appeared thanks to the teachings of Ayurveda. But lately, it has become a real fashion trend. However, as often happens, in a burst of ultra-modern trends, people forget to figure out what their hobby is and how necessary it is.

Some people, when they hear the word “detox”, imagine different unpleasant things: strange herbal mixtures or creepy cleansing enemas. There are many options, but almost always they involve fasting, eating certain foods, avoiding harmful ingredients, and taking special dietary supplements.

It is important to dispel common myths about what detox is and to understand why it is so important to help the body to eliminate harmful substances from time to time.

We are surrounded by toxins

Can you estimate how polluted your body is? Probably not, but if you brush your teeth, eat fish, drink cola or cocktails, use plastic things, drive a car and just breathe, then your body receives a portion of toxins. Over 50,000 chemicals have been incorporated into daily use since World War II, many of them found in the products we use every day to clean and embellish our bodies and our homes, in food, medications, even in water!   Some of these chemicals are connected to cancer; others may upset the delicate endocrine system; and others may compromise our immune system or our central nervous system (1).

Toxins can be divided into two main types that we are exposed to regularly (2):

The human body is constantly working to remove toxins and unwanted substances from various systems. Over time, the body is depleted due to unhealthy food, alcohol, caffeine, stress, and environmental toxins – an inevitable part of modern life. Regardless of how healthy your diet or lifestyle may be, external factors still require the body to recharge and get rid of anything that can interfere with health and drain energy.

It is when the vital organs come under too much pressure and stop working efficiently that disease can develop. Therefore, you should not neglect the cleansing of the body.

Detoxification traps

But, today there is a huge variety of detox supplements, and it is often very difficult to figure out what will help. Also, there can be some difficulties in detoxification (2). For example:

The best solution in this situation would be to ask your doctor for advice and the choice of special supplements should be based not on the advice of a friend, but on scientific studies that show the effectiveness and safety of the supplement.

Zeostar® – #1 choice for detoxification

It is scientifically proven that zeolites, especially clinoptilolites, are the best detoxification agents. Zeolites possess unique and outstanding physical and chemical properties (3). The application of a specific natural zeolite material, clinoptilolite, has been documented in veterinary and human medicine. Clinoptilolite showed significant properties for detoxification, antioxidant effect, the release of trace elements, and positive influence on the microbiota status in the intestine. These effects were documented in animals and humans for clinoptilolite material used as supplementation to regular diet in a powdered form.Based on these findings by famous investigator Tihomir Lelas, Zeostar® was created – a micronized zeolite clinoptilolite immune modulator. It is an innovative therapeutic approach originating from micronization technology (Rapid Collision Technology by Antonio Lelas) with enhanced biological activity. Smallest particle size (less than 5 microns) Zeostar® interacts via intestinal epithelial cells (villi) and probiotic bacteria, thus modulating the immune system, antioxidant enzymes, performing detoxification, and promoting digestibility and bioavailability of other nutrients (3, 4, 5).

What is absorbed by Zeostar®?

Due to Zeostar® ability to add positively charged toxins it efficiently absorbs and immobilizes (6):

Zeolite clinoptilolite Zeostar® has an enhancing effect on green tea, nettle and improves the efficacy of some other polyphenols.

Also, Zeostar® has huge immunomodulatory properties, can interact in Gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) which induces (3): 

Why detox with Zeostar®?

  1. Special patented micronization technology enables the production of the finest zeolite powder;
  2. Zeostar® purifies the internal environment of our body, defends us from viruses and bacteria (7), maintains gut microbiota homeostasis for healthy brain activity and digestion, improves the antioxidant and endogenous anti-inflammatory activities thereby improving the overall wellbeing of the patient (8);
  3. Promotes antioxidative enzymes, therefore, reducing oxidation, peroxidation, and lipid peroxidation;
  4. Ability to adsorb hydroxyl radical (ROS), a molecule that wreaks havoc in the body;
  5. Detox with Zeostar® can provide the following benefits: increases immune system function, skin, tissue, gut health, and better digestion, reduces stress and improves attention, memory, and learning, boosts energy.

Zeostar® – the easiest way to healthy detox and overall well-being

This way, Zeostar® is a daily habit that can detox your body, boost your gut health, prevent free-radical damage and fight infections, it is an easy-to-use “magic powder” that is a safe and effective solution for the problems of oral cavity and skin, makes under-eye circles and swellings gone.

Zeostar® is a gentle way to detox for those who are dealing with mycotoxins or any other kind of toxicity and is an excellent detox drink that helps to lose weight and keep fit.

Zeostar® is a safe, gentle, and effective solution for the problem of balancing the body’s pH levels to healthy alkalinity and against processed and junk food.

Zeostar® helps in the morning after the “night out” – it improves hangover symptoms even when it’s too late for alcohol detox.

Zeostar® dissolved in water is a light-grey liquid that doesn’t taste and smell, so it’s no problem with taking it for kids and adults.

Dr. Oksana Klymenko M.D., PhD, 
SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition), Medical Doctor, Researcher in the fields 
of molecular physiology and pathophysiology, 
molecular biology, genetics, cell biology


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