The influence of the new coronavirus infection SARS-CoV-2 and its strains on different systems of the human body, as well as the more distant consequences of the disease and vaccination, have been little studied. However, more than half of recovered patients report signs of asthenia, physical weakness, apathy, and cognitive decline after coronavirus. Moreover, after vaccination, designed to protect against the virus, people also feel tired, depleted of all vitality, inability to work and just live normally.

So why does fatigue occur after coronavirus – both after illness and after vaccination? What can be done to get rid of the weakness caused by the COVID-19 attack? Let’s figure it out in this article.

Reasons for tiredness after Covid-19

“Fatigue” is usually understood as a decrease in muscle strength, endurance, and tiredness during exercise. However, after coronavirus, patients experience problems with memory and concentration, depressive and anxiety disorders – cognitive and mental disorders of a different order, which may be caused by damage to nerve fibers and encephalopathy.

Encephalopathy can be caused by the death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen, due to lessening saturation of red blood cells with it, and insufficient supply of blood with nutrients. Also, Covid-19 causes the development of viral pneumonia with lung damage, which leads to a decrease in the oxygen content in the blood. The greater the percentage of lung damage, the less oxygen will flow to the internal organs, in particular to the heart and brain (1).

In addition to the lungs, coronavirus infection affects blood circulation – the blood becomes more viscous and passes more slowly through the arteries and veins, which increases the risk of blood clots and leads to a decrease in physical functions.

Research is being actively conducted on the impact of the COVID-19 virus on other organs and systems of the human body, in particular the central nervous system. Muscle weakness, loss of sensation, and specific pain syndromes are the most characteristic signs of damage to nerve fibers and organs of the central nervous system (1).

Even if there are no complications to the lungs, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system, the body of a person who has had a coronavirus is exhausted by a long fight against infection, forced physical inactivity, and psychological experiences (stress, anxiety, social isolation).

Violation in mitochondria metabolism is a key to multiorgan damage and feelings of full exhausting

Scientists found out that mitochondria disorder is one of the main reasons of damage to whole the organism (2), including the lungs, nervous and cardiovascular systems.The virus can inhibit the formation of energy in mitochondria, increase the formation of reactive oxygen species (as a result of which oxidative stress occurs that damages all cells of the body), and activates inflammatory processes (do not forget about the “cytokine storm”), disrupts the process of energy delivery to other cells and organs, and destroys the immune system (3). Unfortunately, during vaccination, especially in the elderly, children, and patients with chronic diseases, immune system reaction also occurs, somewhat similar to the action of the virus itself, respectively, also disrupting the normal functioning of mitochondria and their production of ATP energy (4). So, one of the ways to fight the consequences of the virus and vaccination is to increase the amount of energy in the body by, for example, taking NADH supplements.

Stabilized sublingual NADH will help to gain more energy and normalize mitochondrial metabolism

Stabilized sublingual NADH Original Instant Power® is one of the most optimal ways to increase the level of energy and improve mitochondrial metabolism (5). Different research shows that NADH might reduce symptoms of CFS (6). Different studies suggest NADH Original Instant Power® may help to (7):

The high therapeutic activity of NADH Original Instant Power® is combined with the absence of toxicity. NADH Original Instant Power® has been widely used for more than 25 years and no significant side effects have been reported. We recommend taking 1-2 lozenges daily, dissolving under the tongue, or when you feel a lack of energy.

How do deal with other Covid-19 and vaccination side effects?

Inflammatory diseases, immune suppression, and microbiome disorders are the other key points that lead to diseases after Covid-19 and vaccination. Scientists claim that with coronavirus, there is a deficiency of vitamins, microelements, and antioxidants since all resources are spent on fighting the virus and regenerating. And good bacteria in our gut are lessened by viruses and remedies, resulting in immunity weakness and inflammation processes (8). To prevent all these disorders, we need to take care of our organism by providing beneficial bacteria (to balance the microbiome), vitamins, and antioxidants (to reduce inflammation, and restore the immune system and cell metabolism).

Multi EM Ferment® proved to have a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effect (9), boosting our energetic potential and renovating cell metabolism (10). Multi EM Ferment® benefits for health:

We recommend taking the daily dose of Multi EM ferment® (20 ml), which provides the body with 20 billion carefully selected 31 beneficial strains of bacteria (EM) per day and provide more energy for a healthy and happy life.

Dr. Oksana Klymenko M.D., PhD, 
SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition), Medical Doctor, Researcher in the fields 
of molecular physiology and pathophysiology, 
molecular biology, genetics, cell biology


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