Today, most people have completely forgotten about the problem of coronavirus, as our world, especially Europe, is faced with an even more serious problem – the radiation threat that can be created by the Russian army. We all remember Chornobyl well, especially its consequences were felt in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, the Baltic countries, Poland, Moldova, Hungary, and many others. Many people died or still have serious problems as a result of radiation exposure: diseases of the thyroid gland and the cardiovascular system, cancer, and tumors of various localization …

And today, the dictator Putin again put us face to face with this terrible threat – radiation exposure, provoked by the possible explosions of the Chornobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

For most people, the word “radiation” causes panic. Therefore, today for all of us It’s extremely important to understand what radiation is, what damage it can make, and what are the methods of protecting the body from it.

What is radiation?

In physics, radiation varies from the longest radio waves, which transmit signals over long distances, to the shortest gamma rays (1). In everyday life, we used to call radiation from the decay of atomic nuclei, which is potentially dangerous – it is called ionizing, nuclear, or radioactive. Under the influence of radiation, materials can themselves become radioactive, their chemical bonds weaken by changing their properties, and chemical elements transform into others.

Most often, radiation of living organisms occurs through the air. High doses of radiation lead to serious consequences – burns, acute radiation sickness, numerous pathologies that can occur over time, and even death (1). 

Internal radiation, by the way, occurs not only through respiration. Radionuclides can enter the body with contaminated food or water. For example, as a result of the Chornobyl accident, radioactive cesium-137, which will remain here for hundreds of years, was released into the environment. Once in the body with food, water, or air, they are deposited in the bones and muscles and irradiate the person from within.

Radiation from living cells alters their ability to repair themselves, which can lead to death, damage, or improper repair. It can also cause mutations in DNA that, if not repaired, eventually lead to tumors.

Why do we have to be afraid of radiation?

When a living being is irradiated, it increases the level of reactive oxygen species in the body’s cells. Ordinary oxygen is transformed into forms that can destroy cell macromolecules – DNA and proteins. Most of the negative effects are related to DNA damage. DNA damage occurs in the body all the time, but they are usually few and can be eliminated by the cell’s defence systems. However, when the level of damage exceeds the critical level, it leads to serious cell malfunctions, rising incidence of thyroid cancer, leukaemia, tumors, mental and endocrine disorders (2). Some DNA damage can be even inherited, but this is a very rare process and the likelihood of inherited disorders is low.

Cancer remains the greatest long-term risk due to radiation exposure. Healthy cells tend to die after the expiration date. Cancer cells multiply in an uncontrolled way. A healthy body loses potential cancer cells, but radiation exposure can impair this process. Children are also at increased risk of exposure as they grow and more of their cells are more likely to become cancerous when they reproduce (3). Thus, in Ukraine after Chornobyl, the World Health Organization registered a sharp increase in thyroid cancer. The increase in morbidity in children is associated with the entry of radioactive iodine into the thyroid gland.

How to protect yourself from radiation?

To reduce the effects of radiation, you should get rid of irradiated clothing and wash your body with soap. If there is a risk of exposure, it is recommended to leave the endangered area or lock yourself in the house.

In addition, there is a cure for radiation exposure. For example, some experts suggest drinking milk with iodine, the use of iodine will help reduce the effects on the thyroid gland (4), selenium and vitamin E increase the body’s antioxidant activity to protect against oxidative damage to cells and DNA (5). Also, several drugs can increase the production of white blood cells in the blood to reduce the damage from bone marrow damage and reduce the risk of infection when the immune system is weakened (6). One more important supplement, that will protect your cells from radiation is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NADH), a body-own and natural substance, one of the most important coenzymes in the human body and brain, also known as coenzyme Q1 (7). It is NADH that is of critical importance in the protection against radiation, as it can not only increase the level of ATP in healthy cells but also restore metabolism in mitochondria and repair damaged DNA strands and reduce the overall level of oxidative stress.

NADH Original Instant Power® benefits against radiation

Among different NADH products, NADH Original Instant Power® is the only original product from the first producer for stabilized, bioavailable, patent, and scientific approved NADH (8; 9). And to date, a large number of in vitro and in vivo studies have been carried out confirming the effectiveness and safety of the use of NADH Original Instant Power® as a protector against radiation exposure and complement to cancer therapy.

One of the most important mechanisms of action of NADH Original Instant Power® is its role in apoptosis. The study showed that NADH can regulate the activity of the apoptotic process by inhibiting the formation of free radicals and influencing pro-and anti-apoptotic genes. NADH also contributes to the protection of mitochondrial and cell DNA and the restoration of already damaged DNA (10). It was shown that NADH protects against radiation enteritis by enhancing autophagy and inhibiting inflammation and can inhibit cell death and the production of reactive oxygen species (11). In another investigation it was shown that NADH has a marked anti-radiation effect, its mechanism may be associated with up-regulation of anti-apoptotic genes expression (Bcl-2) and down-regulation of proapoptotic genes (p53, Bax fas, and fasL) expression, as well as the decline of intracellular ROS (7).

Also, NADH Original Instant Power® can repair cell and DNA damage by increasing the intracellular ATP level. Due to the higher energy production induced by NADH, the cells can synthesize essential components for cell regulation in higher amounts. Hence, they are better protected against the toxic effect of DNA damaging agents. From these results, it can be concluded that NADH may be used as a therapeutic adjunct for cancer patients to protect normal cells from the toxic effect of radiotherapy (12).

This way, NADH Original Instant Power® may be effective protection against radiation exposure and adjunct to cancer therapy with proven safety. The product can be used both as prophylactic and afterwards for a faster recovery and improvement of general well-being.

So, we shouldn’t panic, radiation damage is currently only a theoretical threat, and knowing what it is, we can protect ourselves. We must now remain calm and try to maintain our physical and mental health in the face of new threats.

Dr. Oksana Klymenko M.D., PhD, 
SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition), Medical Doctor, Researcher in the fields 
of molecular physiology and pathophysiology, 
molecular biology, genetics, cell biology


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