Why does our organism get sick?

Today, as well as 500 years ago, there is a huge number of practically incurable diseases. And this is strange since, over the past decades, medicine and science have made great strides forward. But, to replace the diseases that were considered fatal 300 years ago, others appeared, before which we again were powerless. For example, cancer, AIDS, various viral diseases, etc. What has changed and why is this happening? If earlier the cause of illness and death was mainly bacteria and viruses, which we simply did not know about, today the cause of illness is the weakness of the immune system, chronic inflammation, a polluted environment, uncontrolled intake of pharmaceuticals, and viral epidemics. In general, we can say that the ability of our body to defend itself against all disease-causing agents is close to zero.

And as can be seen from the growing number of patients, modern medicine simply cannot cope with this problem. Patients are prescribed more and more medications, thereby further weakening the body’s capabilities – a vicious circle is obtained, and it is not easy to find a way out of it …

This may be why more and more people are turning to personalized advanced therapies and the holistic approach inherent in Biological medicine.

What is the difference between traditional and Biological medicine?

The most important difference is that the Biological approach does not imply suppression, blocking, or replacement, but the activation and restoration of the body’s defensive resources, its own capabilities for recovery. Secondly, Biological Medicine uses a holistic approach to the patient’s body, which takes into account the close relationships between all cells and organs of a person and is perceived as a single system. And to maintain and restore all parts of this system, a variety of natural remedies and methods are used – physical, psychological, nutraceutical, and many others.

Swiss Biological Medicine Center – a new approach to health

It is this biological and holistic approach that is used in the Swiss Biological Medicine Center of famous doctor Dr. Dinos Xydas MD. As it was said by Dr. med. Thomas Rau, one of the world’s most recognized physicians in the field of biological medicine and partner of the Swiss Biological Medicine Center – “To Treat Differently, We Must Think Differently“. That’s why here you will find innovative and effective medical treatments for difficult conditions, that give a good result even in cases, where traditional medicine gives up.

Specialists of the Swiss Biological Medicine Center treat a wide spectrum of disorders:

   For effective and safe patient care, the clinic’s specialists conduct a complete examination of the body and use a variety of methods and approaches of Biological Medicine. For example, the following is widely used in a blade:

This way, the Swiss Biological Medicine Center combines cutting-edge diagnostics, equipment, nutrition, detoxification, and medical treatments offering a unique blend of conventional, and advanced personalized integrative programs to help maintain good health and to provide health programs for a wide range of diseases and the whole organism. Coupled and supported with innovative supplements from Al Therasol, such as Immuno-m®, Multi Em ferment®, Neotosil® to mention just a few, the center is able to provide support beyond the patient’s stay in Cyprus.

The clinic’s specialists are highly qualified and work closely with the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. Thanks to this, the patients of the Swiss Biological Medicine Center get the opportunity to rest and fully restore the body using the well-known and highly effective methods of Biological Medicine in the paradise of the world – on the island of Cyprus.

Dr. Oksana Klymenko M.D., PhD, 
SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition), Medical Doctor, Researcher in the fields 
of molecular physiology and pathophysiology, 
molecular biology, genetics, cell biology

For more information follow the link: https://cy-smc.com/

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