Mistakes on the way to the fit body

We all want to be healthy and live life to the fullest. To do this, we try to regularly make checkups and keep our weight within normal limits. But all our steps towards maintaining a healthy body should be in favor of health but by no means the other way around. We should not take measures that will harm our body, only in this way we will get rid of excess weight once and for all and be healthy.

In the process of keeping in shape and losing weight, we often encounter various obstacles that need to be eliminated correctly. Here is the list of the main mistakes that prevent you from reaching the desired weight or even may harm your organism.

  1. If you set yourself unrealistic goals, then, usually, they are not achieved, stopping halfway. For example, losing weight by 10 kg per week is impossible, losing weight is a long and not easy process.
  2. If you do not eat at all, you will lose weight. Losing weight by fasting is pretty easy. But at the same time, the body experiences stress and, therefore, after the end of fasting, it will begin to store fats just in case for future use, which will lead to even more weight gain.
  3. Someone believes in advertising and tries to use magic diet pills. But, only a doctor can prescribe diuretic pills or a laxative, having examined the body before that. Without consulting a doctor, the use of drugs can cause significant harm even to a healthy person.
  4. Many people think that diet and weight loss drugs are enough to get the figure of their dreams. But it is impossible to acquire a toned body through nutrition alone. The volumes will decrease, but there will be no tone. You will get a thin flabby body. By the way, the lack of sports and activity will also negatively affect the cardiovascular system and brain activity.
  5. Also, people often start losing weight in periods – “from Monday” or “by summer.” And after a certain date, they again eat randomly and do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is not right. For the body often changes from a sharp weight loss to a new weight gain is a great stress and this will lead to diseases. Keeping yourself in shape and tone should be a routine habit.
  6. We often forget that toxins in our bodies also interfere with losing weight and can cause diseases. So regular detoxification is one of the most important conditions for being healthy.

How toxins influence weight

You try to lose weight following all the rules, but you do not succeed! What happens? Often the problem is in the contamination of the body with toxins, both external and internal, although many of us do not associate excess weight with the intoxication of the body (1). The banal pollution of the body with various metabolic products, heavy metals simply does not allow it to work properly, which slows down metabolism. And a slow metabolism does not allow you to lose weight. Therefore, a person needs to constantly cleanse the body.

How to understand that your body is littered with toxic substances? Here are the signs of this (2):

If you have some of these symptoms – it will be very difficult to lose weight and feel well.

In addition, intoxication is the cause of many diseases (2), such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue, diabetes, inflammatory and neurologic disorders, obesity/overweight, and even cancer.

How to get rid of the intoxication of the body?

Doctors are often asked how to get rid of accumulated toxins in the liver and intestines and help the body detoxify. At the same time, many, without prior consultation with specialists, begin to practice enemas, conduct colon hydrotherapy, take diuretics, laxatives, and various advertised sorbents. From a medical point of view, all these procedures can only harm, since they reduce intestinal motility, wash out minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium) and cause other disorders. As a result, the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system suffer, and then other organs and systems.

It is scientifically proven that zeolites, especially clinoptilolites, are the best detoxification agents. Zeolite is a mineral compound created when lava hits seawater. Its structure, primarily made of aluminum and silicon, has been likened to a “molecular sieve.” Zeolite clinoptilolite possesses unique and outstanding physical and chemical properties (3). Clinoptilolite showed significant properties for detoxification, antioxidant effect, the release of trace elements, and positive influence on the microbiota status in the intestine. These effects were documented in animals and humans for clinoptilolite material used as supplementation to regular diet in a powdered form (4).

Zeostar® – safe detox and weight control

Based on these findings Zeostar® – a micronized zeolite clinoptilolite immune modulator and perfect solution for detoxification was created. It is an innovative therapeutic approach originating from micronization technology (Rapid Collision Technology®) with enhanced biological activity. Zeostar® consists of the smallest particle size (less than 5 microns) that interacts via intestinal epithelial cells (called villi) and probiotic bacteria, thus modulating the immune system, antioxidant enzymes, performing detoxification, and promoting digestibility and bioavailability of other nutrients (3, 5, 6). It was shown (7) that Zeostar®’s tiny cages and surface charge trap heavy metals, natural and chemical poisons, radioactive elements, microbes, metabolic products, and other toxins (8910). As it passes through the gastrointestinal tract, Zeostar® exchanges cations. So when a person takes zeolite powder internally, it travels through the gastrointestinal tract collecting and binding all the garbage on the way (11) and removes it from the body without harm to health.

Thanks to these potent detox properties, Zeostar® can (2121314):

Also, Zeostar® may promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses that also has a great impact on our metabolism activity (7), it is a safe and effective solution for the problems of being overweight.

Healthy life recommendations

Below we have summarized the most frequent and effective advice from nutritionists on how to maintain your weight and stay healthy.

Dr. Oksana Klymenko MD., PhD, 
Medical Doctor, Researcher in the fields of molecular physiology 
and pathophysiology, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology


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