Flaxseeds Influence Gut Microbiome and May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Flaxseeds and other foods rich in lignans may reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, suggest preliminary results from an animal study. More research is needed, though, including clinical trials in people. In the study, published Dec. 7 in Microbiology Spectrum, researchers focused on how lignans influenced the relationship between the gut microbiome — bacteria and other microbes living […]

Video gamers worldwide may be risking irreversible hearing loss and/or tinnitus studies suggest

Studies suggest game sound levels often near, or exceed, permissible safe limitsGreater public health efforts needed to raise awareness of potential risks, urge researchers Video gamers worldwide may be risking irreversible hearing loss and/or tinnitus—persistent ringing/buzzing in the ears—finds a systematic review of the available evidence, published in the open access journal BMJ Public Health. What evidence there […]

2023 was the hottest year on record. It also pushed the world over a dangerous line

A new analysis shows 2023 exceeded 1.5C of warming on average for the first time, a key limit in the Paris Climate Agreement. This story is part of a Vox series examining how the climate crisis is impacting communities around the world, as the 28th annual United Nations conference on climate change (COP28) unfolds. It’s official: Month after record-breaking month, […]

Researchers identify mechanism that causes gastrointestinal problems with cancer immunotherapy

Researchers at the University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center have identified a mechanism that causes severe gastrointestinal problems with immune-based cancer treatment. They also found a way to deliver immunotherapy’s cancer-killing impact without the unwelcome side effect. Immunotherapy has emerged as a promising treatment for several types of cancer. But immune checkpoint inhibitors can […]

Hygge and Healthy Eating for a Nourishing Winter

Hygge is a Danish word that means feeling warm and comfortable. It refers to simple actions that bring comfort, coziness, and warmth. So hygge and healthy eating requires a balanced diet consisting of nourishing and comforting meals perfect in winter. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of hygge and healthy eating for a nourishing […]

What Are Common Symptoms of Stress in Women?

Stress symptoms in women can manifest as both physical and psychological problems, including anxiety, sleep disturbances, and changes in menstrual patterns. Women may experience stress differently from men due to a combination of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors. Hormonal fluctuations, social and cultural roles, and biological vulnerabilities can influence these responses. It’s important to be […]

WHO officially recognizes noma as a neglected tropical disease

In a pivotal move towards addressing one of the world’s most underrecognized health challenges, the World Health Organization (WHO) today announced the inclusion of noma (cancrum oris or gangrenous stomatitis) in its official list of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This decision, which was recommended by the 17th meeting of the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group […]

Holiday Scroll Stress: Tips to Manage Your Social Media Use

Although the holiday season is usually a joyful and truly meaningful life-enhancing experience, social media has the power to ruin the feelings of connectedness and personal relationships that give life real meaning. Managing your online presence will ensure that social media does not overshadow the true value of the holidays. With this in mind, this […]

How to Avoid Cholesterol Spikes During the Holidays

The holiday season might bring much joy to your year, but it can also reap havoc on your heart health. In fact, research shows that bad cholesterol levels spike the most during this time of year, by nearly 20%. “[We] notice around the holidays that there’s a pretty consistent 3, 4, 5-pound weight gain as people start […]

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